Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 What to do when 'No Signal Received is shown on a HD BOX?

A 1 :  Unplug the power to the Skybox ,wait a few minutes and reconnect. Press `Power On' until the green light is shown. Press Services,0101,Select.Arrow to right to find TXPONDER,Press Select.Arrow down to put the optimal settings ie:.........enter the frequency 12111,go to polarity=H,Symbol rate =27.5,FEC=2/3,and press green button saying`Save New Settings'........                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

 Another method to bring in the signal is to put thr box into SINGLE FEED mode. Press Services,0101,Select.Arrow to right to find TXPONDER,Press Select........Arrow to find Set -up,press select,Arrow down to last line saying Sindle feed mode ,Arrow to the right to change 'Off' to 'On'.

Q2: What do I do when `No Signal Received' is shown on my  standard skybox?

A2: Unplug the power to the Skybox ,wait a few minutes and reconnect.  Press `Power On' until the green light is shown.Press `Services' ,4 ......and then ,0,1, Select ; press 2 and enter the frequency 12111,go to polarity=H,Symbol rate =27.5,FEC=2/3,go to `Save New Settings'=Select.Press `Back up ' 3 times. If the signal is not received within 5 minutes do the same again several times. If still no signal contact me to send an Engineer round.

Q3: How do I download ITV etc. into my standard skybox?

A3: Press Services,  4,4,enter the frequency10832, polarity=H,Symbol rate=22,FEC=5/6.   Go to `save new settings' press `select'.     For each channel found that you wish to put into memory, press the yellow button.                                                                                      When finished, press `select', to continue downloading more channels  do the same thing again for each of the following frequencies: 10714,    10765   and 10891.  To access these channels press,`Services,7(other channels) and `Select'.  

Q 4:   Can I use my U.K. Mobile in Cyprus?

A4:    You can ask your existing Operator for International Roaming but this will be your costliest option because you are charged a lot for incoming and outgoing calls. If your phone is unlocked you should take out a Cypriot Sim card. At present there is a special offer on MTN SIM CARDS at €12, 50 inc. €5 air time. Thereafter calls cost 2c per min within Cyprus and 10c./min to the u.k. Texts cost 1.5c anywhere in the world.

Q5 :   How can I get access to the internet while in Cyprus?

A5:   If you live in an area covered by CITYCELL, you can purchase access cards of €25 for 1 week unlimited use, or €35 for 2 weeks or €50 for 1 month or €125 for 3 months.Alternatively, a WIRELESS Internet connection is available (without a telephone line) for speeds of up to 1 mb. /sec. costing €350 connection, and €43 / month.Lastly if you have a telephone line, approach CYTA (the British Telecom of Cyprus) to install broadband to your line.

Q6:   How can I watch Sky in Cyprus?

A6:   You need a minimum of a 2.7 metre satellite dish if you live in Paphos or a 3 metre min. if you live in Nicosia or Larnaca. Plus a digibox; this will give you all the free to view channels.      If you wish to subscribe to the higher level of viewing you need a subscription card from Sky. We can advise you on how to go about this and assist you in the arrangements.

A customer, who left Cyprus to return to England because they thought life would be cheaper/better there, will now return to Cyprus and asked these Questions:

Q 7 :"Presumably when UK analogue signals are switched over to digital (last area in UK 2012) then everyone wishing to use sky in Cyprus with the large dish will now need the new SKY+HD box to accept digital transmissions. Is this correct?" 

 A 7 :  No, this is not correct. The sky satellite signals are already digital and have been so for many years; therefore they will not be affected by the current changeover to digital. It is not necessary to have a SKY+HD box to watch sky in Cyprus either now or in the foreseeable future.

Q 8 :"If I sign up to the new SKY HD box with a minimum 12 month contract in the UK and emigrate to Cyprus say 2 months into the contract and cancel the monthly instalments/contract, are Sky able to cancel the user card that is supplied with the box ?"

A 8 :  SKY are definitely able to disable/cancel a user card if they so wish to. They may also blacklist you for future contracts.

Q 9 :  "Is UK FREEVIEW available in Cyprus if you have the right type of Arial or Dish?"

A 9 : No, UK FREEVIEW is not available in Cyprus or in any other country other than the UK. This is received terrestrially via the roof arials on the roofs of Houses in the UK .Many people have brought their set-top boxes to Cyprus hoping to be able to watch the UK FREEVIEW programmes but it has not been possible.

Q 10 :  "Can I bring a VCR/DVD RECORDER/PLAYER with HD upscaling DVD in Cyprus. If so can you provide make, model and prices?"

A 10 :  Combined VHS/DVD RECORDERS are not readily available in Cyprus especially at reasonable prices. It is advisable to look for these in the U.K.If  you only want a DVD RECORDER  I would recommend getting the SKY+HD  FROM THE UK or from Cyprus-however you need to subscribe to sky for this to work properly. We sell these for €269 for a 250 GB machine.


A 11:  -If only a single line is connected ,programme the box for 'single line use' 'Services' and '0101 Select'

           -To add ITV Other Channels Category,you have to subscribe to Sky  and insert the card in the box.

           -To enable the Record function ,sky needs to activate the sky+ function on the sky

subscription card.

           - To Download ITV etc. into the Other Channels Category........Select Options on the top banner,come down to  middle banner and select 'Add Channels' .......enter the frequencies etc. as shown above in Question/Answer 2.

           - To watch one of these channels, press 'Services and Options in the top banner, then in the middle banner  select 'Other Channels ' press Select,  choose a channel , press Select.


  • A.12 .Pull the power cable out of the skybox.

  • Press Backup on the skybox-do not release.

  • Reconnect power cable,wait until all lights are shown and release the Backup button.

  • The screen says¬software download being carried out wait 10 mins.¬